The first Wayland release is dated 2012, and it was of course in a very early stage. Now 16 years have passed since the initial design, they say Wayland is mature enough that it is safe to remove X11 sessions. In the Wayland Tutorial - A Wayland HowTo post we will go through everything it is worth the effort to know about Wayland, trying to answer the question: do Wayland replace the whole X Window system, or do it replace just the X11 protocol?

Even just because of its very long service lifetime, it is certainly worth the effort to have a look at this amazing piece of software. It does not matter if we are about to switch to Wayland (that by the way cannot completely replace the whole X Window System - think for example to XDMCP): the truth is that systems running X Windows will stay here for 10 years more, so 'm sure it is still worth the effort to have a good understanding of it. The "X Window Tutorial - X Display Server HowTo And Cheatsheet" post provides you with all the necessary skills to become an expert on this amazing piece of software that really made the story of UNIX and Linux.

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