OpenVSwitch (OVS) is the pillar used by several emblazoned software, such as OpenStack or Red Hat's OpenShift to set up their Software Defined Networks (SDN): it enables users to quickly and easily implement multiple bridges to which connect Virtual Machines or Containers.

These bridges can be left standalone, creating isolated networks, or interconnected to the machine (or VM) NICs, providing bidirectional access to the network segment the NIC is connected to. In addition to that, it also enables the set up VxLAN Tunnel EndPoint (VTEP) on these bridges, enabling interconnecting OVS bridges from different machines. Last but not least, it also enforces traffic policies defined using OpenFlow.

The SDN tutorial - OpenFlow with OpenVSwitch on Oracle Linux, starts from where we left in the "Free Range Routing (FRR) And OpenVSwitch On OracleLinux" post, extending its Lab and provides a practical guide on how to write and set OpenFlow rules on OpenVSwitch.

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